What if you discovered the best resource for strengthening the business side of your company?


(pretty crazy, right?)

So many of our clients have! Our team of industry experts has helped hundreds of childcare business owners achieve greater financial health as a vehicle to providing the best quality educational services. We've helped owners and directors maximize the value of their business and real estate for growth possibilities, as well as positioning them to achieve full value in their future exit strategies. Our brokers have received such a demand for our services that we knew we had to find a way to reach a lot of you at once. It was then that we began to plan our very first workshop, The Ability to Thrive. 

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Kathy Ligon

    Industry Expert & National Speaker

      Doors open at 8:00am for Networking and     Registration (and coffee, can't forget the coffee!)

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Here's what we'll do...


Solution Setting

We'll help you gain SOLUTIONS for improving revenue with a tuition rate analysis. Together, we will come up with ideas for improving your discounts and create new strategies for marketing your company in today’s fast-paced world. Let us get to know you and your business and let's see what we can do to help. 


We'll work with you to develop a BUDGET for tracking progress. We understand what it's like to leave a workshop with loads of enthusiasm, but no plan for action or follow-up. We're not going to let that happen again!  Together, we will help you create a budget given our proven model for success.  You will leave the workshop with a plan and ideas for achieving maximum profitability. Most importantly, we are here for you long after the workshop is over. Use us as a resource for as long as you want--we're not going anywhere! 


We'll BENCHMARK your school against the average financially healthy school in the U.S.  Our financial model has tracked average revenue and costs in healthy schools since 1986, making changes with the industry. Compare yourself with a profitable school and then we will help you find your best path to make adjustments in order to become more profitable. 

Event Pricing

  • Full Day of Financial Planning
  • Access To Our Proven Financial Model
  • Q&A with the Industry Experts
  • Lots of Networking Opportunities 
  • Delicious Snacks & Beverages
  • Complimentary Valet Parking
  • Full Day of Financial Planning
  • Access To Our Proven Financial Model
  • Q&A with the Industry Experts
  • Lots of Networking Opportunities
  • Delicious Snacks & Beverages
  • Complimentary Valet Parking

Workshop Location

OMNI Hotel in Downtown Nashville

250 5th Ave South Nashville, TN 

November 15h, 2017

In case you haven't heard, there will be complimentary valet parking just because we really like you! 


After Kathy Ligon toured our centers and looked at our finances, she gave us a very helpful analysis of our business. With encouragement from her, we gained the confidence we needed to raise rates without losing families. Our enrollment is high and our profit margin is even higher!
— Perry Melton with Building Blocks Early Educational Centers
SSG Advisors is a great company! I’ve been helped by them several times in the past. They helped me make smart decisions which pulled us out of the red and into the black!!
— Jennifer Barnes with Blue Skies Exploration Academy

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